Friday, June 5, 2009


Pani Puri, Golgappa, Phuchka, just name it and your mouth will start watering. Ever since I came here, I crave for this street food. Miss all those days in Mumbai, I use to have pani puri every day on the streets. This is the one of street food which people enjoy on streets only. With that thelas and pani puriwala serving you the puris dip in that spicy tangy water feels so next to paradise.

Pani puri with the crispy shells filled with spicy water makes your mouth full. The filling is made of potatos, chickpeas, moong, bundi, curd, ragda , it differs from the region of india where it is served. Being from Mumbai, I love the Mumbai style pani puri with Ragda, tamarind water, mint water and ending it up with sukha puri. I make Puris at home , as the pani puri taste the best with this fresh crispy puris.

You Need:

For the Puris:

1 cup Semolina

2 tsp All- Purpose Flour

Pinch of Salt

½ cup Warm Water

For Spicy Mint Water :

1 cup Mint Leaves

1 big piece of Ginger

5-6 Green Chillis

1 ½ tsp Pani Puri Masala

¾ tsp Chat Masala

½ tsp Pepper Powder

2 tsp Black Salt

1 Lemon Juice

½ tsp Amchur Powder

¼ tsp Hing

2 cups water

Tamarind Water:

1 Lime size Tamarind

5-6 Dates

1 cube Jaggery

½ tsp Chilli Powder

1 tsp Cumin Seeds

¼ tsp Salt

For Ragda:

2 cups White dry Peas

½ tsp Turmeric



For the Puris:

Mix all the Puri ingredients to form a hard dough. Keep it side for ½ hour .Heat oil for deep frying puris. Now make peanut size balls and on the surface rub oil and roll into thin small puris. Apply oil as needed to roll , don’t use flour for rolling into thin puris. Once oil is hot, turn the flame on medium and drop the puris . They will puff up, then slightly push them into oil dipping them with back side of spoon. Let the puris stay in oil for atleast 2 minutes .Once golden remove them. They should be crispy.

For Spicy Mint Water:

Grind mint and ginger into paste. Add the rest ingredients and grind again. Add water to paste and refrigerate it for an hour.

For Tamarind Water:

Soak tamarind, dates, jaggery into warm water for 4 hours. Remove seeds from dates. Grind into paste. Add the rest ingredients and grind again. Add water if required for watery consistency.

For Ragda:

Soak white peas overnight. In a pressure cooker, cook peas with turmeric and salt added for 5 whistles. It should be well cooked.

Assembling Pani Puri:

Make hole in puri , add ragda, Bundi , boiled potatoes, sweet water and dip into spicy mint water and have your mouth full.End it up with sukha puri by topping some ragda and boiled potato on non puffed puris (papdi) and sprinkle some chat masala and fine sev on top and enjoy after pani puri…..hmmmmmm!!!!

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